Otto Octavius, later and better known under his super-villain alias Doctor Octopus as well as the nickname Doc Ock, is one of the many enemies faced by Spider-Man from Marvel comics.



Doctor Otto Octavius was once a respected nuclear scientist who invented four metal tentacles to assist him during his dangerous experiments. However, in a large freak explosion, the tentacles became grafted to his spine, turning him into an insane sociopath and rival of New York City's guardian Spider-Man.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Obviously, Doc Ock's main power is both his high intellect and four metal arms. These arms, made of the unbreakable metal known as adamantium, can crush anything such as a layer of concrete with its high psi. They are also 20 feet long and telescophic, can be controlled telepathically, and can allow Octavius to climb up or throw anything.