Doctor Arthur Light is one of the many villains faced by the Teen Titans from DC Comics.


Light was once a physicist who murdered his partner, Jacob Finlay, in cold blood before stealing his suit and embarking on a life of crime and evil. The suit allowed the wearer to bend light itself and turn it into a weapon. Despite his powers, Light couldn't even join a supervillain team nor could he beat a single member of the Justice League. He then attempted to defeat the Teen Titans, but lost to them as well. The Justice League then revealed that Light's incompetence was just a punishment, as the supervillain violently raped the Elongated Man's wife, and they mind-wiped him so he was just a dimwitted burglar. However, after regaining his intelligence, Light became one of the most potent rival of the Teen Titans.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Light, while wearing his suit, can control the very rays he's named after, allowing him to fire deadly orbs of it out of his palms.