Doctor Thomas Light is a central character in the Mega-Man franchise, being the creator of the game's titular character.



In the 20th century, Light joined the Robot Institute of Technology where he met fellow classmate Dr. Albert Wily. While the two became friends, Wily grew jealous of Light as the latter gained much more credit and praise than he did, such as getting a better PhD and a Noble prize in psychics. After Wily disappeared from the public eye, Light founded his laboratory and began creating several robots with human-like minds. Wily, still bitterly jealous at Light's successes, stole a majority of his former friend's robots and reprogrammed into killing machines. Wily then attempted to use his robot army to take over the world. Rock, a robotic assistant and one of the few Light-built robots who weren't stolen, offered his creator to reformat himself into a stronger android. Light did so and this android became known as Mega-Man.

Powers ad AbilitiesEdit

Light is an amazing engineer who can construct the most advanced robots on the planet with his endless genius.