Doctor Gordon Freeman is the main silent protagonist of the 1998 science fiction game Half Life as well as its 2004 sequel, being both a Black Mesa physicist and Combine resistance leader.



Born in the heart of the Washington state, Freeman quickly became inspired by Albert Einstein, Steven Hawking, and Richard Feynman, getting a PH.d in theoretical physics early in his life. While he did travel to Austria to spectate the Institute for Experimental Physics in Innsbruck's experiments with teleportation technology, he grew bored of their slow progress, but had his mentor, Dr. Isaac Kleiner, introduce him to the Black Mesa, a psychics research corporation. Gordon then accepted to offer and became an employee there.

Half LifeEdit

By the age of 27, Freeman became a respected doctor at the psychics facility, and did an experiment with his team involving the Anti-Mass Spectrometer. However, something goes wrong and the fabric of space is ripped in half, allowing aliens from the other side of the universe to enter the facility. Unfortunately for Black Mesa, the aliens are mindlessly hostile and begin killing everyone in sight.

Trapped in the dark facility littered with the corpses of his peers, Freeman is hunted by both the alien lifeforms and the HECU, a team of soldiers sent to kill the aliens and all witnesses of the incident. Gordon is eventually transported to Xen, the alien's home-world, by the last surviving Black Mesa scientists. There, he kills the alien leader Nihilanth and is confronted by the G-Man, an enigmatic stalker of Freeman. The G-Man gives the doctor two choices; work for him or be left on Xen to die.

Half Life 2Edit

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being one of the most respected doctors at Black Mesa, Freeman is an extremely intelligent man with amazing knowledge in physics. While being one of the smartest humans on Earth, Freeman doubles as a soldier, due to the fact his experience fighting aliens and HECU troopers grants him great marksmanship, the tactical mind of a soldier, and good handling with firearms and other weaponry.