The Medic, nicknamed Doc or Doctor by his teammates is one of the nine classes appearing in Team Fortress 2, being the psychopathic field medic who is apart of the support team along with the Sniper and Spy.


Though the Medic is a sadistic and mentally twisted sociopath from the heart of Stuggart, Germany, he is one of the most supportive and important classes in the game, as, when armed with his medi-gun, can instantly heal his teammates from their battle wounds at any times.

Once enough healing powers up his gun, he can uber-charge a single person and himself, giving them temporary invulnerability from any forms of attacks. Despite having weak defense such as syringe guns and bone-saws, the Medic compensates by being the only class who can heal over time without any unnatural means such as health packs, other Medics, or dispensers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ironically, the Medic is a sadistic psychopath who doesn't care for human life in the slightest, yet he is able to create god-like machines such as the medi-gun. He is also a master surgeon and combatant, yet prefers to "help" his teammates rather than battle his enemies. As mentioned above, somehow, the Medic's health will go revive itself over time when wounded, a move no other class in the game can perform.


Note: This not count all class weapons


  • Syringe Gun
  • Blutsauger
  • Crusader's Crossbow
  • Overdose


  • Medi-Gun
  • Kritzkrieg
  • Quick-Fix
  • Vaccinator


  • Bonesaw
  • Übersaw
  • Vita-Saw
  • Ampuator
  • Solemn Vow