Doctor Victor Fries, better known under his supervillain name Mr. Freeze, is a commonly faced foe of Batman, being a former cryogenist who can only survive in a protective suit.


Victor once had a wife, Nora Fries, with an illness that had yet to get a cure. As such, he cyrogenically froze Nora and used his knowledge in medicine to construct a cure, hoping that freezing her would give him enough time to make it. However, his corrupt CEO Ferris Boyle stole the cure from Fries, and the latter was doused with cryogenic chemicals in the struggle. What rose out the cold steam was Mr. Freeze, a supervillain with the metabolism only capable of sustaining life when in a freezing cold climate. As such, Mr. Freeze locked himself in a suit that granted the climate he needed and spent the rest of his days looking for a cure for his wife, bitterly killing anyone in his way.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a formerly respected scientist, Freeze has high intellect and an expertise in cyrogenics. He is also seemingly skilled in creating medicine, as he is always seen mixing chemicals to create cures for his wife. His main form of weaponry is a self-built freeze gun, a large-pistol like firearm that launches beams of flash freezing ice out of its barrel.