Doctor Jonathan Crane, also known under his supervillain moniker The Scarecrow, is one of the many enemies of Batman from DC comics. Being a former psychiatrist obsessed with the concept of fear, Crane became a psychopathic supervillain determined to mentally break Batman with his mind-destroying fear toxin.



Jonathan Crane grew up as a mentally disturbed man abused by his religious great-grandmother as well as his sadistic school mates. Becoming an expert in chemistry and the psychology, Crane was thrown out of his university for experimenting with human subjects. However, this did not stop his dangerous obsession to study fear, as he then took on the alias The Scarecrow, and began spreading fear among Gotham City.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Other than his dangerously high intelligence and knowledge of psychology, the Scarecrow is a brilliant chemist, as seen when he was able to singlehandedly create the mind-altering drug fear toxin. He is usually equipped with a self-built gas-mask to shield the toxin away from him as well as a scythe.

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