First of all, you have to understand what this wiki accepts as an article. For example, Spider-Man is widely accepted to be a scientist, however here, he does not count. The character you're writing about must have any type of science majorly incorporated into their every day life, otherwise they do not count. Now that you've got the qualifications out of the way, let's move on to the main rules.

  • No plagiarism: You cannot simply paste an article from another site to here. It has to be your own written work.
  • Good grammar: Though the article won't be deleted because of this, please use your best spelling and grammar when writing an article.
  • No unnecessary sentences: Please try not to go into too much detail. While we encourage long articles, make them about important things, such as their history, personality, and abilities.
  • Formal writing: Do not incorporate your own beliefs or opinions in the article. Make it as informative, neutral, and formal as possible.
  • No swearing or posting other offensive content: While this isn't exactly a child-friendly site, it still has to respect other people's opinions and beliefs. Do not post swears (unless it is a quote), pornographic material, vulgar/gorey material, or religious material. Linking to shock or porn sites is especially not allowed.

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