Doctor Victor Von Frankenstein is the titular main protagonist of Mary Shelley's 1818 novel Frankenstein. Being the original mad scientist, Frankenstein is a man fascinated by death and the creation of life, leading to the invention of his infamous nameless monster.


Victor Von Frankenstein was a medical student seeking to perform the first act of necromancy, the art of bringing the dead back to life. As such, he illegally dug up several corpses, sewed them all into one body, and jumpstarted its heart via a lightning strike. Frankstein successfully pulled the carcass into life, however he fled the lab in horror when he witnessed his creation's hulking ugly stature.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unlike most scientists, Frankenstein crudely specializes in necromancy and alchemy. However, his insanity-driven genius was the sole inspiration for the famous mad scientist trope found in other pieces of media.